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Wiz Team Inc.

Chicagolands certified master rug cleaners and cleaning specialists


Wiz Team Inc.


490 Telser Rd
Lake Zurich IL 60047


(847) 526-6060


Wiz Team, Inc. is a professional, full-service cleaning and restoration company serving the Chicagoland area. Wiz Team takes pride in its Reputation, Education, Systems and Guarantee. Wiz Team is an IICRC certified firm, the world's most recognized body of certification for cleaning and restoration. Multiple cleaning technician and quadruple master certificates are available to us. Wiz Team, Inc. also has 2 Master Certified Area Rug Cleaners on staff. Wiz Team, Inc. is family owned and operated for 25+ years in Chicagoland.


About Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich (German: Zürichsee; Swiss German/Alemannic: Zürisee) is a lake in Switzerland, extending southeast of the city of Zürich. Depending on the context, Lake Zurich or Zürichsee can be used to describe the lake as a whole, or just that part of the lake downstream of the Hurden peninsula and Seedamm causeway (between Pfäffikon and Rapperswil). In the latter case, the upstream part of the lake is called Obersee (lit. 'Upper Lake'), whilst the lower part is sometimes also referred to as the Lower Lake (unterer Zürichsee), respectively. == Geography == Lake Zurich was formed by the Rhine-Linth glacier. Its main tributary is the River Linth, which rises in the glaciers of the Glarus Alps.

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