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Luxury Tress Salon & Extension Bar Chesapeake VA

Hair extensions supplier in Chesapeake, Virginia


Luxury Tress Salon & Extension Bar Chesapeake VA


530 Belaire Ave #103, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States
Chesapeake VA 23320
United States



"Our salon offers services for all hair types and textures. We are a hair extension and hair replacement specialist." We take pride in our multicultural approach to hair solutions, and our customers love our affordable pricing. Our team installs our exclusive brand of luxurious hair extensions in our storefront. Our high-quality hair extensions are designed to blend seamlessly with natural hair and provide an effortless, beautiful look. Choose us for affordable, professional, and expert hair solutions."


About Chesapeake

Chesapeake often refers to: Chesapeake people, a Native American tribe also known as the Chesepian Chesapeake Bay Delmarva Peninsula, also known as the Chesapeake PeninsulaChesapeake may also refer to: == Populated places == === In Virginia === Chesapeake, Virginia, an independent city Phoebus, Virginia, formerly known as Chesapeake City Chesapeake, Northampton County, Virginia, an unincorporated community === In other US states === Chesapeake, Indiana, defunct Chesapeake, Missouri Chesapeake, Ohio Chesapeake, Tennessee, a neighborhood of Nashville Chesapeake, West Virginia == Schools == Chesapeake High School, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Chesapeake High School, Baltimore, Maryland Chesapeake College, public community college based in Wye Mills, Maryland == Ships == United States lightship Chesapeake (LV-116), a lightvessel USS Chesapeake (1799), an American frigate captured by HMS Shannon in 1813 USS Patapsco (1799), a sloop originally named USS Chesapeake but renamed in 1799 while still under construction USS Chesapeake (1898), a training ship renamed USS Severn on 15 June 1905 USS Chesapeake (ID-3395), a freighter USS Chesapeake (AOT-5084) HMS Chesapeake (1855), a Royal Navy frigate Chesapeake was a British ship launched in 1799 that in 1840 was sold to an American trading house at Canton, which named her Chesapeake, and then sold her to the Qing Dynasty, which purchased her for the Imperial Chinese Navy. The British Royal Navy destroyed her on 27 February 1841 during the Battle of First Bar at the onset of the First Opium War.



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