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The New Amazon Facility In Port St. Lucie Will Become The City’s Third Amazon Facility, Joining The Other Two Now In Operation In Fort Pierce And Fort Pierce

The county’s economic development authorities have announced that a new Amazon facility would be built in Port St. Lucie, making it the county’s third such facility to be erected in as many years. According to the plan, this will be the county’s third such facility. The plant will have a total workforce of approximately 1,000 people.

Building plans for the Legacy Park at Tradition project call for a structure that will stand 44 feet tall and cover 220,000 square feet. In accordance with current plans, it will be completed by September of this year, will stand 44 feet tall, and will occupy 220,000 square feet of floor space when done.

As reported by Amazon, client purchases would be readied for delivery within 45 miles of the station, and the company anticipates hiring an additional 200 permanent staff members to assist with this endeavor.

The announcement of Amazon’s plans to build a third facility in St. Lucie Region came earlier this year, following the completion of the company’s first facility in the county, which opened its doors in April of this year.

With the establishment of a new delivery station in Port St. Lucie, Amazon’s economic development manager, Sam Blatt, expressed joy in being able to extend its activities in St. Lucie County. “We are thrilled to be able to expand our operations,” Blatt said in a statement. The announcement that Amazon will be investing in a new delivery station in Port St. Lucie would allow the firm to expand its operations in St. Lucie County, according to a news release, was made on Tuesday. In order to give our clients with efficient delivery while also providing hundreds of employment for the talented individuals in the local area, we have made the following commitment:

The Legacy Park business park, which is located off Becker Road near Interstate 95 and is already home to a number of other enterprises including FedEx Ground and Cheney Brothers, will be home to a number of other companies in addition to Amazon.

“With the addition of this last-mile delivery facility to Amazon’s already large investment in the area, Port St. Lucie has reaped the benefits, which has delivered a much-needed boost to this rapidly expanding metropolis. As a result of Amazon’s decision to locate a regional fulfillment center in our community, we were pleased to learn that the facility will result in the creation of 500 new full-time jobs. We are now able to increase the number of full-time positions available by 200, bringing the total number of full-time positions available to a total of 900.” Shannon Martin, the mayor of Port St. Lucie, made the announcement in a statement released on the subject of the investigation.

FedEx Ground announced earlier this month that construction of a 245,000-square-foot sortation facility at Legacy Park would begin later this month, according to the Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County. It is anticipated that the facility will serve the entire county, according to members of the county council.

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